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Comparison Between Regular and Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

There is nothing more relaxing than a good massage after a tiring day. Massage chairs available in the market today have highly advanced machineries incorporated into their design which use actual massage techniques which the professional therapists use to relax your muscles, relieve you of all your stress, take away your pain and make you feel lighter. In the busy lives of people today, it is hard to find the time to visit a professional massage therapist and there is really no need when a massage chair can provide you with the same benefits in the comfort of your own home.

The newest and the most highly advanced models of massage chairs usually come with Zero Gravity feature included in their design to make them even more beneficial and comfortable for you. ‘Zero Gravity’ is basically a position that was first developed by NASA to relieve the stress that the astronauts experience during the launch of a space craft. In this reclined position where your legs are raised above the level of your heart, your spine is released of stress and you are ready to experience the most comfortable massage ever. Here are some of the differences between a Zero Gravity massage chair and a regular massage chair:


Not all massage chairs you find in the market will be Zero Gravity massage chairs. You may find many reclining massage chair but it does not necessarily mean that they are also Zero Gravity. In contrast, regular massage chairs are easily available in the market in many different types and brands. You will not have any difficulty in finding a regular massage chair. A good Zero gravity massage chair will be relatively harder to find.


A regular massage chair which does not include the Zero Gravity feature in its functionality is a relatively cheaper option as compared to a Zero Gravity massage chair. A good Zero Gravity massage chair can be quite expensive.


The reclining position that a Zero Gravity massage chair takes is very beneficial for your health. It relieves the pressure on your spine and improves your breathing. It also takes you in a very comfortable and relaxing state where you can enjoy the massage to the fullest.


A good Zero Gravity massage chair is usually easier to maintain and durable since they generally are made by a renowned brand. They are made with long-lasting material and provide optimum performance for many years. With a best zero gravity massage chairs you will not have to concern yourself with repairs or replacements for a long time. A regular massage chair may not provide you with the best quality construction that will last. You may break down or start to malfunction after a while which you may be able to fix with a repair or may have to replace it entirely.

So now that you understand all the major differences among the two types of massage chairs, it is easy to select the better one.