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Within these pages, it is my sincere desire that the reader be treated to the worlds of two superb people, Ralph Fiennes and Jennifer Lash. The former is an actor of consummate quality and the latter is a woman who chose to bring her emotions to the world in the form of the written word.

They are forever interlocked as son and mother, and the degree of traits that they shared and possessed is a remarkable story in and of itself.
These pages will be an attempt to enter into their worlds through reviews, both personal and professional, background materials that have been gathered and interviews that have been granted. It is not my attempt to portray this site as another in a long and prominent list of sites that have dealt with Ralph Fiennes and Jennifer Lash, but rather to present as complete and accurate a canvas as one is able to gather within the confines available.

I make no claims to knowing everything, and I will be a sponge that will gather up any and all information with the eager anticipation of a child opening a much desired gift.

Thanks for visiting these pages, they will be updated as often as possible.